Serving and being served

I started as a waitress 20y ago, and it was only “for a while”. I never in a million years thought it would become my one and only income, profession and love. I have always liked people, but always from the shadow of the crowd. I thought my self to be this quiet and closed inside out person, with a good heart and great smile, but shy away from attention.

When I started the job, my intentions were only for the money and “just for a while”. Slowly slowly however I discover that the job I started for the money, actually was much more than this. I became addicted. My job turned into my life. I liked it and loved the people, the joy I gave them while having a conversation. The fulfilment their customer satisfaction gave me. It was two way street and well developed. As a waiter or Customer Service Representative, I have observed people, their behaviour and body language. That had helped me develop my situational awareness. Every time I meet and greet a guest/customer, I was alert for queues to see the mood the person was in. Once I read it, I knew how to behave. IT’s crucial to know the state of mind/mood of your customer, that’s your guide for successful relationship. If you don't read it correctly you might jeopardise the impression you would like the customer to experience. It wasn’t always easy for me to tune into people’s body language. I did have my mash ups, because sometimes my emotions were out of tune, then I had to switch to an autopilot. It was a rare occurrence but it did happened. Then I was just that Customer Representative with a blah appearance, the one I disliked every time it appeared. Thank God it was a rare occurrence. When delivering service, because it is intangible, it is of most importance for both parties. The deliverer and the receiver! And I was/am on both sides always. Knowing your product is easy, if you want to know, but knowing your audience and how to deliver the invisible and make it visible — now thats a true talent.




I love laying my thoughts on paper and see them work their magic

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Antoaneta Holmes

Antoaneta Holmes

I love laying my thoughts on paper and see them work their magic

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